This has got to be the most amazing and useful invention we have seen in a long time!!

Quick Knots is the new plaiting sensation that makes plaiting an easy part of your show prep. Everyone here at Saddleworld Dural has tried and tested this product and we can not believe just how quick and easy they are to use. It’s as easy as plaiting down, rolling up, slipping the Quick Knot through and securing the end.

Not only do they make plaiting super simple, they make unplaiting even easier! Just unbend the end and pull out.

We’ve even tested them under saddle, and the plaits hold even better than if sewn in.

Got a thin mane? No problem – the Quick Knots help round out your plaits.

Got a thick mane? No problem – they hold them securely in place.

They even prevent plaits from going “fluffy” from needing to handle the plaits while sewing them in.

We have had an overwhelming response to Quick Knots and great feedback from both professionals and amateurs. New shipments are arriving weekly and we can’t wait for you guys to get your Quick Knots!

Take a look at the product or BUY NOW!

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